Alitrak Battery Electric Tugs:

Alitrak Australia Trolley Mover Automatic Gripper

Alitrak TT950 Battery Electric Tug Towing Shopping Trolleys

Alitrak Australia TT600 Towing 240 Litre Bins

Alitrak Australia TT900 with Remote Control Towing Shopping Trolleys

Alitrak TT1000 Battery Electric Tug – 14,000Kg Capacity

Alitrak TT1000 Battery Electric Tug Complete With 1500Kg Lifter

Alitrak TT600 Towing 660 & 1100 Litre Bins

Alitrak TT900 Towing 4 Bin Aluminium Trailer

Alitrak Australia TT900 – Plus

Alitrak Battery Electric Dumpers:

Alitrak Australia DT1000

1000Kg Battery Electric Dumper – Alitrak DT1000

Alitrak Australia D-Trak 500

Alitrak Battery Electric Tracked Carriers:

Alitrak Australia DCT 300

Alitrak Australia DCT 300 – Vinyard Application

Alitrak Australia DC Trak 450

Who We are

Alitrak Australia provide cost effective towing and pushing solutions using the latest European and Australian designed equipment. Our management established our initial Company in 1982. Alitrak Australia was formed to expedite sales, service and support for Non Polluting Towing, Pushing and material handling solutions for Industry, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Health and Aged Care support applications. We provide products with more than one application - products suitable for widely different uses in both the Commercial & Industrial fields.


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Spacepac Industries Pty Ltd. Trading as ... ALITRAK AUSTRALIA