Barrow D-Truk500

  • Environmental vehicle with ground drive unit, electric traction and semiautomatic tipping skip, specially recommended for transporting loose goods and work on unstable ground or slopes with a gradient of up to 30%.
  • In a sector increasingly committed to reducing atmospheric pollution, this electric powered vehicle represents the ideal solution for the environmentally aware.
  • This practical work tool, with its sturdy and functional design, means users do not have to settle for less.
  • The DT-500 is quiet and produces no hazardous exhaust.
  • This machine is designed to be used indoors and out.
  • Advanced engineering allows an efficient use of energy and power to produce an autonomy of up to 5 hours of continuous operation on a single charge.
  • The width of the machine will allow passage through most doors and is considered optimal for indoor restoration work or moving materials in an environment where the exhaust, noise and smell of a combustion engine is not acceptable.
  • Ideal for Biological Agriculture.

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DT500 Product Specifications

Loading Capacity500 kg
Max Loading capacity 30% slope300 kg
Forward Speedmax 5 km/h
Reverse Speedmax 2.5 km/h
Battery Autonomyapprox 8 hrs at full load
Battery Rechargeapprox 8 hrs
Length1172 mm
Width775 mm
Height1050 mm
Weight152 kg
Part NumberDT500

Alitrak Australia warranty :

  • One year Parts and Labour Warranty on Alitrak Products, Tugs and Attachments from delivery date.
  • One year on Batteries where compliance with recommended battery charging procedure and operating instructions are followed.
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